Begins TBA: Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Hansa

Previously offered: Monday afternoons 1 - 4 p.m.

This 108 hour training is designed to introduce teachers to the basics of working with women during their pregnancy.  Our work focuses on the mother and her well-being.  Each month, many changes happen to mom and Little One.  It is important to understand anatomically what is happening from a western and ayurveda perspective.   Teachers can then adapt yoga tools to serve the needs of the mother.  Her care energetically passes the love and nurturance to Little One. We will learn to adapt asana and integrate pranayama, meditation, bonding, mudra, sounding, and other yoga tools to support an ease of pregnancy, childbirth, and post birth recuperation time.

Applicants must have practiced yoga for at least two years. You must have completed the Contemplative Hatha Yoga program or equivalent, preferably from a Yoga Alliance registered school. The Director or Senior Teacher of the program will interview you to review your background before admittance to the program.

School Policies
We have a full listing of school ethics, policies including attendance, payment schedules, student grievances, and more in our catalog. If you request information in the mail, we will include a copy of the catalog for your review with the application form. It is recommended that you review the policies as you prepare to register for the course.

Typically meets once each week and one weekend each month.

Total Hours
108 hours

Cost of the Program
A $150.00 application fee will be due with registration. Students may arrange to pay the tuition monthly.

$ 1728.00
Application Fee (non-refundable)
$ 150.00
Module Workbook price subject to change
$ 35.00
Total Cost of Program


plus cost of books

Textbook Requirements

We are still evaluating textbooks. Final selection pending.

To receive a hardcopy catalog and application or if you have questions, contact the office at 303-432-8099.

Your registration is not complete until we've received your application and fee.
Your application fee will not be deposited until after your interview.

Download the NEW student application.
Download the CONTINUING student application.
Download the record sheet/health review.

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