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Began September 11, 2017 - let us know your interest so you're prepared for the next offering!

Yoga Cikitsa: The Therapeutic Application of Yoga

Email us if you are interested in this training: pyamandala@gmail.com

In this 1370-hour training you will not only deepen your own personal yoga practice, but gain the tools to be able to apply yoga therapeutically in many different applications to help people transform.

You must have a minimum RYT 500 or equivalent training, and attend a separate bridge program training that is offered before the full training begins, link here for information. An exemption of RYT 500 is considered for graduates of the PranaYoga CYTT program.


You will:

    * Learn about human anatomy from the   
western anatomical and kinesiological format,   
in addition to the Eastern perspective, gaining     
an experiential understanding of anatomical    
movement and the chakras, koshas, vayus.

    * Learn adaptations for yogasana (postures) for    
various concerns such as back problems, joint     
dysfunction, tight muscles, fibryomyalgia,    
depression and other considerations.

    * Gain tools to help support the spiritual development of each individual.

    * Learn about Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, and how to custom tailor therapeutic yoga routines based on ayurvedic principles.

    * Learn the foundations of yoga chikitsa as outlined in classical yoga texts.

Each semester will help you mature your Yoga Chikitsa skills:

At the end of the first semester you will be able to apply basic structural yoga therapy.  You will be grounded in basic body reading for yoga assessment.

At the end of the second semester you will expand your structural therapy skills.  Techniques for case taking will be explored and practiced. You will interface with medical information and learn how to integrate the knowledge in your assessment.

The third semester you will personally experience and explore the yoga tools of mudra, pranavayu movement, yoga nidra, marma therapy, drsti, ishta devi, yantra, mahavidyas and ritual.  Mentorship during this semester will help support you in applying the tools in a therapeutic setting. In the third semester you will also learn the anatomy of life cycles from childhood through the elderly.  You will learn how to address specific conditions for age and gender.

The fourth semester is the culmination of the previous work.  You will learn the pathology of diseases, the ayurvedic considerations and potential of the yoga approach.  In this component the real depth of the scope of practice will be explored.

We have submitted an application to IAYT for accreditation of our yoga therapy program,
and will be able to provide information on our status after IAYT completes its review process.


Requirements include a minimal 500 hour training (an exemption is considered for students of PranaYoga's CYTT), three years teaching or permission of the director, an application form including a test, an interview, and the bridge program. The bridge program will give you the basic preparatory information for this full yoga therapy training. You must be actively teaching during the training.

School Policies
We have a full listing of school ethics, policies including attendance, payment schedules, student grievances, and more in our catalog. If you request information in the mail, we will include a copy of the catalog for your review with the application form. It is recommended that you review the policies as you prepare to register for the course.

Cost of the Program
A $250 application fee is due with registration. Students may arrange to pay the tuition through monthly payments. 

Tuition (each year breaks down to $4800 in tuition)

CURRENT 2017 SPECIAL: $4500 per year                     

$  19200.00

$ 18000.00

Application Fee
$  250.00
Textbooks per list approximate cost-price subject to change $  1125.00
Manual Workbook price subject to change $  200.00

Total Cost of Program for new students


$  20775.00

$ 19575.00


  • Professional Training: *

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