TBA - 45-hour Senior Yoga Teacher Training

Last offered: July 17 - August 30, 2016

Taught by Hansa

On July 17: Senior Yoga-Introduction, part of the training but also a stand alone CE class - link here
On July 24: Chair Yoga, part of the training but also a stand alone CE class - link here
On August 21: Yoga with Props for Seniors and Rehab, part of the training but also a stand alone CE class - link here

This 45-hour training offers knowledge and experience for yoga teachers who teach senior classes. Must have minimum 200 RYT or equivalent training.

Email us if you are interested in this training: pyamandala@gmail.com

Meets July 19 - August 30, Tuesday afternoon 11:30 - 2:30.
3 weekend day classes: July 17, July 24, August 21 - Each meets 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

The body changes physically as we age. It is not just 'degeneration', it is a shift allowing us to move from the physical confines of the body to the Spiritual transition we are preparing to make. During these transition years, yoga can support vitality and suppleness of the body, mind, and Spirit.

The training will cover the basics of the aging process. We will explore specfic adaptations for the numerous senior populations. We will research and practice yoga tools for specific medical conditions inherent in the aging process.

All applicants must have a minimum 200 RYT or equivalent training, have practiced yoga for at least one year, and been teaching yoga for 3 months and/or have approval of the Instructor.

School Policies
It is recommended that you review the policies as you prepare to register for the course, including attendance, payment schedules, and more.

Cost of the Program
A $150 application fee is due with registration. Students may arrange to pay the remaining tuition through monthly payments. 

                           $  640.00
Registration Fee - Required Deposit
$  150.00
Advanced Student member SAT discount -   $  40.00
Textbooks per list approximate cost-price subject to change $  75.00
Manual Workbook price subject to change $  10.00
Tuition and Fee Total-other costs apply
$  790.00
Tuition and Fee Total-other costs apply
(Advanced Student member SAT discount)
$  750.00

Textbooks Requirements

More information coming soon

Download the NEW student application.
Download the CONTINUING student application.
Download the record sheet/health review.

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