TBA: Children's Yoga Teacher Training

Denver’s First Comprehensive
Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

This 108-hour training program will assist a teacher in understanding the fundamentals of teaching yoga to children. The training is typically taught over five months.

Children are often considered Little Adults, but they are not. Their body and mind are changing, growing, and maturing. At each age of their life, they are given the perfect tools to support them in their growing mental skills including an interpretation of life, emotional stability, and connection to their inner Self.

A child’s ability to explore yoga changes in the natural spiral of development. At the same time, yoga can enhance their ability to develop the physical body, their mental and sensory integration ability, and social and relationship skills. Yoga does this through a playful, yet mindful, learning of awareness, concentration, patience, focus, and imagination.

This comprehensive training is developed to teach yoga teachers the uniqueness of children. Teachers in training will be given an opportunity to focus on their favorite age group and yet, learn foundation information for the full spectrum of children at any age.

The foundation of the program is the anatomical development of the body and the development of the brain and cognitive processes for the age groups of birth - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 10, 11 - 14, and 15 - 18.

Techniques will include learning age appropriate asana, pranayama, chanting, singing, and meditation. These will be taught through interactive activities including games, story telling, singing, drama, creative writing and more - combining theory with hands-on experiences.

Methodology will begin with an exploration of the process of learning and teaching age groups based on cognitive development. We will also include designing classes, and class and behavior management tools. Based on the age groups’ ability to integrate information, we will learn facilitation tools, creating safety, assisting, and learn compassionate and non-violent communication.

Yoga philosophy will support your knowledge of teaching yoga to children through understanding the ayurvedic concepts of childhood. The program will include a section on working with the parents of children. We will include basic information of diet and lifestyle to support your sharing information with parents. We will discuss introducing Spiritual topics with generic language including the yama and niyama.

You will be able to focus your practicum hours with your specific populations, yet, you will be required to explore all the age groups during your training.

Completion of the course is a prerequisite for the program, Children’s Yoga Therapy.

Applicants must have practiced yoga for at least two years. You must have completed the Contemplative Hatha Yoga program or equivalent, preferably from a Yoga Alliance registered school. The Director or Senior Teacher of the program will interview you to review your background before admittance to the program.

School Policies
We have a full listing of school ethics, policies including attendance, payment schedules, student grievances, and more in our catalog. If you request information in the mail, we will include a copy of the catalog for your review with the application form. It is recommended that you review the policies as you prepare to register for the course.

Typically meets once each week and one weekend each month.

Total Hours
108 hours

Cost of the Program
A $150.00 application fee will be due with registration. Students may arrange to pay the tuition monthly.

$ 1728.00
Application Fee
$ 150.00
Module Workbook price subject to change
$ 35.00
Total Cost of Program


plus textbooks

Textbook Requirements

We are still evaluating textbooks. Final selection pending.

To receive a hardcopy catalog and application or if you have questions, contact the office at 303-432-8099.

Your registration is not complete until we've received your application and fee.
Your application fee will not be deposited until after your interview.

Download the NEW student application.
Download the CONTINUING student application.
Download the record sheet/health review.

The program is registered with Yoga Alliance. 

Approved and Regulated by the
Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.

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