TBA: Contemplative Yoga Teacher Training

the last session was offered at YourAshtanga in Golden -- contact us with questions about a future program

The Contemplative Yoga Teacher Training (CYTT) is an extensive, in-depth training that prepares the student to teach yoga to others and prepares you for advanced training. At its core, it is also a mode of deepening one's personal practice. Even if you are not interested in teaching and you want to deepen your foundation of yoga, this program may be for you.


Our training uniquely offers 265 hours compared to the average training of 200 hours. It is offered over a 10 month period that provides time for each student to integrate the teachings, develop their teaching style and deepen their personal practice. You'll learn principles of asana, pranayama, yoga philosophy, meditation, and more tools that are applicable to all styles of Yoga. We typically offer this class once per year.

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